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Our Company

Customers and prospects often ask about the company name. A literal definition of a paradigm is an "example serving as a pattern". We are proud to exemplify our company's commitment to excellence. Our philosophy towards excellence is simple. Do the right thing, the right way, the first time. Advanced concepts, robust features, and a high level of flexibility make our accounting software an "excellent" solution for current customers. These customers benefit from a system, SouthWare's Business Excellence Series, ranked by the CPA Software News, as one of the top ten mid-range accounting. Feature rich business management tools will help any wholesale or retail company increase their profits through precise inventory management, improved customer service, cash flow forecasting, reduced errors and services management.

Our Mission

Excellence is becoming a requirement in today's business world. Your ability to survive as distributors will depend on how you measure excellence within your organization. It is a pursuit of quality through goals, and the measurement of your ability to meet those goals over time. The minimum standards for quality are increasing daily. Quality is measured in dollars as the cost of not meeting your company's standards of excellence. The cost of shipping errors, returned product, out of stocks, complaints, poor vendor performance, loss of future sales, etc. Measuring these intangibles adds up to increased profits due to high customer satisfaction or decreased profits due to lost revenue or inefficiency.

Tomorrow's successful businesses will be those who continually raise their own standards. As a leader in business, your challenge is to create a quality oriented company. How can you differentiate your business from the competitor? Can you survive with lower price alone? Many times a customer is looking for that intangible quality or service that you provide. What increases your market share over the long term could very well be those unmeasured intangibles within your organization. Remember, Excellence is an attitude not a condition!